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xxxsecretsissyxxx asked:

Like sissykaradenise, I adore your blog. However, while my wife knows about my femme side and knows I'm submissive, she's not at all interested in being dominant, and doesn't find the feminine me attractive. She's supportive and accepting, but my fantasies simply don't turn her on. Like, at all. Any advice?

Every woman has a dominant deep inside her just waiting to be acknowledged by her. Dig deep and do not discuss your needs in such a selfish way. Include her with compromise. Romance her every second of every day. If you are still sexual with each other, allow her to experience being dominant over you in the slightest ways. Then when you are finished point it out with a token of your appreciation. Extremely romantically. Example; You know last night when you grabbed my head while I was cleaning your gorgeous pussy and you squeezed my head between your thighs? It turned me on so much that I have thought about you every second since. Entice her to allow you to service her needs. Let her know it is her that you only desire. So much so you are willing to sit at home while she is sliding her pussy hole over a real man sized cock. Her desires are your dreams for her. All Goddess’ dream of a mancock. Then fulfill her need to orgasm again.   Be sure this is what you want though because it will eventually come true whether she stays with you or leaves you. You must make here horny and introduce your needs very slowly. You will figure it out, You did make her want you enough that she chose to marry you. Be subtle.

Best wishes,

Hugz, Goddess Heather


miller-sinclair asked:

Goddess, thank you for the wonderful blog you have. I was wondering if you have updates about what's happening with you and your husband? I just started to read your blog a couple of months ago and really like it. As a newly admitted bisexual guy that is just starting to embrace this world, I like that you seem to care about your family and your readers

Thank you for your kind words. I am curious……your blog, the pictures, are they your desire for yourself or the way you see women? Is it your only blog or do you have another secret on?

Hugz, Goddess Heather

kdub30 asked:

I hate your mean words and torture but I come back because it's so true... Then before I know it I am pressing my fat little clit against my cage waiting to be free and explode. How do you do this to me.

It is your deepest desire sweetie. You dream not about being inside my tight pussy but about what I can bring out of you while you lay under my pussy wishing I would let you inside me with your tiny penis. You like to think you could make me moan in orgasmic bliss but you know the truth. 3 seconds. Hugz & kisses, Goddess Heather   drip, drip. teehee

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