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kdub30 asked:

I hate your mean words and torture but I come back because it's so true... Then before I know it I am pressing my fat little clit against my cage waiting to be free and explode. How do you do this to me.

It is your deepest desire sweetie. You dream not about being inside my tight pussy but about what I can bring out of you while you lay under my pussy wishing I would let you inside me with your tiny penis. You like to think you could make me moan in orgasmic bliss but you know the truth. 3 seconds. Hugz & kisses, Goddess Heather   drip, drip. teehee

sissykaradenise asked:

i don't really have a question, but wanted to tell you that i love your blog. It makes me want to buy a strap-on and a clitty cage and give them to my wife, along with the url to your blog.

Do it. Do  it now. You deserve to be happy and your wife deserves to be a Goddess. Good luck, Hugz, Goddess Heather

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