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You like this don’t you hubby?  Yes we both know you like this….except  I know you like this because truly as you watch me doing this you feel like it  is you kneeling before him and his cock is sliding down the back of your throat while you worship his man cock and balls as if nobody see you doing such a sissy and slutty act…………you crave to swallow his cum just as much as you crave pleasing me, your Goddess wife………don’t you hubby?  Say It!

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Because you brought me the beach in the Bahamas, I will allow you to stand over me and stroke your tiny penis 25 times…..very slowly……since you are soft right now. If you manage to dribble out any drops before 26 then you will fall to the ground and lick up the cum you so crave to see. If you don’t do either at stroke 26 then i will kick your berries into your cunt throat……learn too crave or learn to feel more pain, the choice is yours my slut hubby……….

First you have a mess her to clean up. Once you have me, your Goddess wife cleaned up then he might make a mess inside my gorgeous cunny for you to clean up.Then you and I will discuss your attitude and maid abilities, and then I will render my verdict on whether your two fingers will be allowed to jerk your tiny penis until it drips out its tiny load for us……..hubby…….

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